2019 Client Organizer

Required information for Preparation of Individual Tax Returns
For 2019

This list is to provide aguideline” for items that we will review and utilize for the preparation of your personal taxes for this year.  Any additional information you feel may impact your return, please notate and nclude with your information

If it is the first year Bausch & Associates is preparing your return, please bring your previous years Federal and State Returns.

Income Items

  1. Current Year W2’s and/or 1099 income for all jobs
  2. 1099R for pensions and IRA distributions
  3. Interest income from banks, Credit unions, Life Insurance Policies. etc
  4. Dividend income
  5. Did you sell any stocks or bonds? (This includes non-qualified stock options)
    1. Purchase date and price
    2. Sale date and price
  6. State of Georgia and/or other state refunds
  7. Business Income and expense
    1. Categorize expenses and total each category
      such as cell phone, office supplies, advertising, travel, meals, etc.)
    2. Purchases/Goods for the production of business
      List and Date equipment separately (such as faxes, copiers, computers, computer software etc.);
    3. Business mileage - total by month
    4. Total W-2 payments separately
    5. Total 1099 payments separately
  8. Rental Property Incomend expense total
    1. Categorize expenses and total each category
      (such as cell phone, office supplies, advertising, travel, meals, etc.)
    2. Purchases/Goods for the production of business
    3. List and Date equipment separately
      (such as faxes, copiers, computers, computer software, etc.)
    4. Business mileage - total by month
  9. Social Security 1099 (if you are receiving benefits)
  10. Gambling Proceeds 1099 and loss statement
  11. Scholarships and grants
  12. Other Income, i.e.
    1. Proceeds from lawsuits
    2. Alimony
    3. Debt forgiveness-credit cards, mortgage debt relief
  13. IRS notices /State notices

Tax Item

  1. Estimated federal and state tax payments made for the year. 
         Please provide a written record or your canceled checks.
  2. Deductible and nondeductible IRA contributions
  3. Roth IRA contributions
  4. Moving expenses
  5. Dependent Care Expenses
  6. Student Loan Interest
  7. Expenses for elementary and secondary school teachers
  8. Distributions from Individual Retirement Plans for charitable purposes
  9. Contributions/Distributions from HSA’s


Higher Education Expenses & Credits

  1. Medical expenses incurred, i.e. (from your pocket)
    1. Health Insurance & expenses (don’t forget chiropractic and eye care)
    2. Dental Insurance & expenses
    3. Long-term Care- medical insurance
    4. Mileage connected with all forms of health care (break down by month)
    5. Lab fees, X-Rays, other medical tests
    6. Medical Equipment-prescribed & rented
    7. Total for each category
    8. Include the 1095 A, B, or C
  2. Taxes
    1. Property taxes
    2. Ad valorem Tax
    3. Any other property taxes
    4. Sales Tax on 2016 purchases (please total receipts)
    5. Sales Tax on purchase of Vehicles, boats, RV’s etc.
    6. Sales Tax on Qualified Motor
    7. Bill of Sale - Title Ad Valorem Tax
  3. Mortgage Interest
    1. Mortgage interest (first and second)
    2. Settlement statements for new or refinanced mortgages
    3. Settlement statements for sale of home (when it was purchased and sold)
    4. Deduction for home mortgage insurance premiums.
  4. Cash contributions to any organization
    1. Church/religious organizations
    2. Children welfare programs
    3. Girl Scout cookies and similar contributions
    4. Animal & Wildlife Welfare programs
    5. Volunteer expenses: Mileage, Uniforms for Hospital Volunteers, etc.
  5. Non cash contributions, i.e. (please provide values)
    1. Clothing
    2. Items donated to food pantries
    3. Household items

    Energy Credits

    1. Qualified Tuition Payments
      (We must have the 1098-T in order to take the credit and the transcript of the students account.)
      Books/computer purchases
      1. For American Opportunity Credit---
        books and other supplies are not required to
        be purchase from the educational institution.
      2. For the Life Time Learning Credit---
        books and other supplies must be purchased
        from the educational institution in order to be included in the educational credit.
      1. Residential Energy Efficient Property Credit
        1. Solar water heating
        2. Solar electric power
        3. Small wind systems
        4. Geothermal heat pumps
        5. Fuel cell
      2. Non business Energy Credit
        1. Building Envelope Components
        2. Doors
        3. Windows
        4. insulations
        5. Roofs
        6. Heating & air conditioning

Taxpayer Responsibilities

You agree to provide us all income and deductible expense information.  If you receive additional information after we begin working on your return, you will contact us immediately to ensure your completed tax returns contain all relevant information.  Further, you must be able to provide written records of all items included on your return if audited by either the IRS or State Tax Authority.

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